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What is AS 9100:2016?

AS 9100:2016 standard was published in November 2016 and the deadline for obtaining your new certificate, along with keeping Aerospace Standard recognition, is 14th of September 2018. EN 9100:2016, JISQ 9100:2016 were published a few weeks after IAQG 9100:2016 version.

Discover how to transition to IAQG 9100 2016BACKGROUND
AS 9100:2016 has been developed by IAQG organization after the ISO Organization released the ISO 9001:2015 standard version in September 2015. During 1 year, the regional organizations startied with the IAQG approval of ICOP 9100/9110/9120:2016 Transition Plan. In October 2016, IAQG published the new standard version (replacing the 2009 one) defining the requirements of a quality management system for organizations in the aerospace industry. 
IAQG is aligned with and builds upon the most recent version of ISO’s quality management systems standard, ISO 9001:2015, fully respecting its structure and requirements. Once IAQG published it’s version of standard, AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016 have then been edited.


Discover the Principles to understand IAQG 9100:2016

KEY  PRINCIPLES AS 9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015
1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ORIENTATION.- For all organizations, scope of activity and performance targets need to be focused on Customer satisfaction in term of Quality of Parts and services, as well as on time delivery and effective communication. 

2. LEADERSHIP & ENGAGEMENT OF PEOPLE.- Customer satisfaction and quality performance is not only the scope of the quality department but all the management chain. From the CEO down to  the most junior level, each person needs to know how he/she contributes to final goal.
3. PROCESS APPROACH.- All the processes are interacting with one other and are clearly defined and understood. There is no other way to manage the organization nowadays.

4.CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.- There is no better source of inspiration than experience from the past and lessons learned. Organizations need to organize themselves to continuously find ways to improve their process regarding customer satisfaction and performance. Problems start to happen when you think you don’t have problems and relax the controls.

5. RISK ANALYSIS APPROACH.- Organizations need to be flexible and adapt easily to the events and changes, whether they are expected or not. To be robust in front of these situations, companies and organization need to be prepared and have anticipated these situations on their value chain in order to continuously satisfy clients’ needs and expectations.  Risk and Opportunities must be addressed both at the system (organisational) and operational levels.

6. MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH.- There is no longer an issue that can simply be handled by one service/department or function. The performance improvement comes from all the impacted parties and contributing ones. 


Transition Benefits IAQG 9100 2016BENEFITS OF AS 9100:2016 Series  
1. Streamline processes and better manage costs.- Anticipation thanks to risk management approach will bring your organization at more mature level.   Unexpected situation and related costs should  be consequently significantly reduced.

2. Safeguard your organization’s good name.- AS 9100 Series recognition remain compulsory for most aerospace  stakeholders. It shows also how your organization is mature against  aerospace industry stakes and demands. 

3. Manage risk and your supply chain.- It will show your capacity to anticipate and be prepared in front of unexpected situation. Applied on the all supply chain, Risk Management approach will bring you more confidence in your organization and performance of your product and services.

 4. Flexibility in front of changes.- Flexibility and adaptability is what is expected from the aerospace industry. Satisfying new standard requirements will bring  evidence that your organization is robust and mature in handling change management. 






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