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ISO transition with LEAD

Companies, nowadays, have to develop their activities in a complex and ever changing economic environment as a result of globalization and sophistication of markets. This context requires companies to be in continuous transformation, in order to maintain their competitive advantage. With LEAD, Bureau Veritas supports clients all over the world in the three-year transition process.


LEAD is an innovative transition tool, developed by Bureau Veritas, to support companies in their transformation process. LEAD combines all the necessary services to adapt your Management Systems to new standards: ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) and ISO 45001 (OH&S).


  • E-LEARNING. To lead the transition with confidence, you need to train yourself and your team according to the new standard requirements.
  • ONLINE SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL. The purpose of this online tool is to help you list out and identify the GAP between your current Management System and the new ISO Frameworks.
  • AUDITS. The solution for securing a smooth transition is by obtaining an independent evaluation from a trusted market leading certification company: Preaudits, GAP Analysis on-site and Transition Audits.


Transition Pack Gold ISO 9001:2015Transition Pack Silver ISO 9001:2015Transition Pack Bronze ISO 9001:2015Certification Audit ISO 9001:2015